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The push for black voters



It's an old story. The Democratic Party's hope to turn back a congressional Republican tide, particularly in the South (and Arkansas is mentioned), is a strong black vote. It has to at least mirror the turnout rate of the angry white men. Simple reason: the approval rate for Obama among one racial group is double that in another racial group.

As it happens, Frank Rich is focusing on rage-filled voters this Sunday and the likelihood that this election won't be the end of them:

Don’t expect the extremism and violence in our politics to subside magically after Election Day — no matter what the results. If Tea Party candidates triumph, they’ll be emboldened. If they lose, the anger and bitterness will grow. The only development that can change this equation is a decisive rescue from our prolonged economic crisis. Not for the first time in history — and not just American history — fear itself is at the root of a rabid outbreak of populist rage against government, minorities and conspiratorial “elites.”

So far neither party has offered a comprehensive antidote to our economic pain. The Democrats have fallen short, and the cynics leading the G.O.P. haven’t so much as tried. We shouldn’t be surprised that this year even a state as seemingly well-mannered as Connecticut has produced a senatorial candidate best known for marching into a wrestling ring to gratuitously kick a man in the groin


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