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Stirring the pot



After a round of rather uneventful debates this week, sparks flew between candidates for Secretary of State. Democrat Pat O'Brien and Republican Mark Martin traded jabs as they have done in the past couple of weeks. John Brummett takes note, as does Jason Tolbert.

O’Brien sought to paint Martin as state legislator living fat off the tax payers running up large questions expenses. This is pretty much a softball charge for any state legislator. The system is designed to pay them embarrassingly low salaries offset by embarrassingly high expense reimbursements.

Martin fought back with charges that O’Brien is Obama’s man in Arkansas and pointed out that he headed up the Arkansans for Obama effort in 2008 while serving as Pulaski County Clerk and questioned if he would do so again in 2010. He even said that O’Brien has brought “Chicago style politics” to Arkansas.

Watch for yourself here.

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