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At this point, this passes for good Democratic news. Against a backdrop of continuinig signs of a utter implosion of the Democratic majority in the House, Nate Silver says odds are looking better that Democrats will retain control of the Senate. Barely, of course.

Good morning. It's a beautiful day in San Francisco. I hope the rest of the Times crew will have some time today to supplement what I'm able to round up this morning. I'm shortly to be off.

Also: Here's a roundup of a few "speed bumps" for the Republicans, such as the Nazi sympathizer and the potential that some incumbent Repubs might get caught in the throw-them-out moment.

I could wish that there'd be a groundswell of media coverage and public outrage at the purchasing of our democracy by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Republican millionaires, but I'm afraid it's not going to happen. We're going to look up and say — dude, who stole my country — and won't have the votes to take it back. I heard on TV last night that Karl Rove's group and similarly inclined stealth organizations are pouring $200 million in secretly contributed money into House elections. It's mind-boggling. For corporate influence, look, too, at the huge oil and energy money pouring into the campaign of Tim Griffin ($1.5 million in total receipts so far) though he'd never lived in the 2nd District until moving to Ark. to run for office after a career of political headhunting in Washington. Congress: The For Sale sign is out. Only the wealthy need apply.

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