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Womack seizes the third rail



David Whitaker, the Democratic candidate for Third District Congress, sent out a news release today meant to mobilize older voters. He's created a website — ProtectARSeniors.com — to illustrate the difference between Whitaker and his opponent on issues important to seniors, who will turn out a sizable vote in the district.

I was going to move right along and not even mention this, but then I saw a quote the release attributed to Womack. I couldn't believe it. I looked it up.

It really is true. Right there on Republican Steve Womack's website it says in easy-to-read type:

A solution I support is privatizing Social Security making it an individually controlled voluntary retirement account for those paying into the system.

This is dangerous folly, both for the system itself and, in a real world, politically. Republicans Tim Griffin and Rick Crawford, though both have said enough to make it clear they agree with Womack, have taken pains to deny it in their congressional campaigns this year. The Third District, needless to say, isn't exactly the real world.

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