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Tuesday night thoughts here.

NEWS NOTE: Tim Griffin has discovered that Joyce Elliott is backed by WAND, a women's group that believes in world peace and nuclear disarmament. It includes the likes of Betty Bumpers, Jean Gordon and a host of other courageous, upright and thoroughly praiseworthy women with illustrious records of community involvement (unlike Little Rock newcomer Tim Griffin)

The women of WAND have been talked down to before by better than Tim Griffin.

Yes, for all his bluster, Tommy Robinson — the former 2nd District congressman who famously once told Jean Gordon to stick it where the sun don't shine when she called for a reduction in nuclear missiles, thus inspiring a classic George Fisher cartoon — had more class genuineness than Washington insider thug Tim Griffin. At least TR bared himself, rather than creating a Potemkin image to hide his crude essence. He also knew more about the 2nd District.

I give you Griffin's release below because it's a classic of its kind — built on the alarmist template of the John Birch Society or similar. Imagine. Reducing military spending! That's positively un-American. Or at least it is in the military-industrial-complex-driven world Tim Griffin inhabits, where women are to be seen and not heard (though some Republican women are indulged by being allowed to get loaded at Graffiti's and harass a Democratic family trying to have a quiet dinner) and there's always enough money in the budget for a new bomber or a new weapons system. Poor folks? Screw 'em.

Take a deep breath Timmy. It's a little old ladies potluck tonight, not a communist takeover. Up until now, I've thought Griffin had run a smart, tough, disciplined campaign. Morally bankrupt, yes, but very effective. Now I think maybe he's a little bit nuts. (Psst. Timmy, Did you know Commodore Pat Hays let the WAND ladies put a peace monument — a beacon of peace and hope — by his submarine? Better call out the Army Reserves.) See groundbreaking shot with drawing of planned beacon below.

DANGER!!!! WAND ladies break ground on peace becaon. Tim Griffin is alarmed.
  • WAND
  • DANGER!!!! WAND ladies break ground on "peace beacon." Tim Griffin is alarmed.

The Tim Griffin release:


Group Committed To Cutting Military And Working For “Carbon Free And Nuclear Free” Country Hosting Dinner For Elliott Tonight

The Arkansas Chapter of WAND Is Hosting A Pot-Luck Supper For Joyce Elliott Tonight. "WAND Pot-luck Supper Betty Bumpers Speaks Out for Joyce Elliott! Jo Ann Mills shares some of the highlights of the campaign from the Inside! Tuesday, October 12, 6:30 pm." (Arkansas WAND Homepage, Accessed 10/12/10)

On Her Facebook Page, Sen. Elliott Promotes Endorsement Of Anti-Military, Anti-Nuclear Energy WAND PAC. (Joyce Elliott for Congress Facebook page, 9/24/10)

About WAND
Founded in 1980s, WAND Focused On Nuclear Disarmament. Now It’s Focused On Reducing Military Spending. “Women's Action for New Directions that was founded in the 1980s by Dr. Helen Caldicott as Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament. When the Cold War ended and the nuclear threat was thought to be over, the name was changed. WAND expanded its mission to include world peace and security, nuclear disarmament, and redirecting excessive resources from the military.” (Arkansas WAND Homepage, Accessed 10/12/10)

Joyce Elliott Sits On the Arkansas WAND Advisory Board. (“Our Board,” Arkansas WAND, Accessed 10/12/10)

One Of Arkansas WAND’s Goals Is To “Shift From A Military To A Civilian-Based Economy To Address The Threats To Our Real Security, Ensuring That Human, Economic And Environmental Needs Are Met.” (Arkansas WAND, Accessed 10/12/10)

Arkansas WAND Strives To “Work Towards A Carbon Free And Nuclear Free US Energy Policy.” (Arkansas WAND, Accessed 10/12/10)

Joyce Elliott Is A Former Member Of The WAND Education Fund. (“Joyce Elliott wins the Democratic nomination for Arkansas’ 2nd Congressional district!,” WAND Action Center, 6/11/10)

In Testimony, WAND Has Targeted The Military Budget For Cuts. “We ask that you put the military budget on the table for cuts by a recalcitrant Congress.” (“Testimony for the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform June Public Forum, June 30, 2010 — Dirksen Senate Office Building,” WAND Education Fund, 6/30/10)

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