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The debate for lieutenant governor is underway.

It's about as pointless as it is every four years. Two people vying to preside over the Senate are talking about job creation. As if.

Shane Broadway is getting in some digs at Republican Mark Darr's fondness for the so-called "fair tax" — in actuality a regressive and huge sales tax as the state's revenue generator. Broadway, of course, actually voted to cut significantly the sales tax on food. Darr's big "fair" sales tax would reinstate it and then some, a crushing blow to people least able to pay.

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Broadway goes for Darr's jugular for his refusal to swear off state and national sales tax plans that could jack taxes on purchased goods by 45 percent.

Darr's comeback seems to be that Broadway supported the gas severance tax increase (led by former GOP committeeman Sheffield Nelson) and the fuel tax increase for building highways. Too bad the severance tax increase wasn't enough to pay for all the damage the gas drillers have done to our state. Mark Darr presumably thinks that's just dandy.


Lieutenant Governor candidate Mark Darr reasserted his support of a staggering 38 percent in new sales taxes on everything Arkansans buy including every single pizza, television, shotgun, automobile, or bag of groceries.

When asked about his support for a new 15 percent state sales tax and 23 percent national sales tax, which together would add up to some 38 percent in new taxes, Darr stuck with his earlier position that it was a good idea.

“It’s hard to believe that any small business owner would support 38 percent sales tax,” said Shane Broadway, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. “Hard working Arkansans don’t need a bigger burden on their wallets during these tough economic times, they need tax relief. Small businesses along Arkansas’s border would be shut down by the loss of customers to other states if Mark Darr has his way.”

Broadway continued, “I’m on the side of Arkansas families and small businesses. I’ve voted to cut taxes by more than $500 million on everything from groceries to diesel fuel to income taxes. As a businessman and economic developer, I’ve worked with business, industry, educators, entrepreneurs and working Arkansas to grow and create hundreds of jobs in our state. They deserve a strong voice as their Lieutenant Governor, someone who knows how to cut taxes and create jobs, and I’m that guy. I can do it, because I’ve done it.”

Darr also seconded his support of a plan to give Wall Street control of our Social Security trust fund, risking American’s retirements on the whims of the stock market.

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