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The line is open.

NOTE: Batesville Guard says it will broadcast live on its websiteformer President Bill Clinton's appearance in town at 3:15 p.m. Wednesday to campaign for 1st District candidate Chad Causey.

NOTE II: I've been meaning to say.... KUAR is raising money this week. I won't be on hand Friday for the final morning of begging, as has been customary. I'm going to be out of town. Matt DeCample will join my usual partner, Rosi Smith of Children's Hospital, which means there's less chance somebody will say something unprintable in front of a hot mike. I'd still appreciate calls of support during that time period. The Arkansas Blog pledge will be in force. Call KUAR during the final Friday morning pledge period — or make a pledge during that time at — and mention the Arkansas Blog and I'll match $10 of your contribution. I've gotten up to 35 pledges on past shows. Maybe my absence will improve the contributions this year. I'll issue a reminder later in the week.

NOTE III: I can't pass up repeating a Twitter comment during the 2nd District debate from devoted Tea Partyer Laurie Lee Masterson, wife of the D-G columnist. Joyce Elliott said Social Security did not add to the deficit; it is self-supporting. "Since when?" was Masterson's incredulous counterpunch as she quoted debate observer and failed Senate candidate Curtis Coleman. It's another bit of evidence for the need for Tea Party remediation. (Coleman's own government loan history makes him an interesting person to preach fiscal responsibility to the government.)

Here's a report from the Social Security system itself. The long and short is that benefits will exceed contributions this year for the first time since 1983. Accumulated Social Security surpluses, on loan to the government for other spending, are sufficient to cover that as well as expected payouts through 2037. Then, absent fixes, trouble may begin.

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