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Sympathy for Jim Keet



John Brummett expresses sympathy for Republican gubernatorial nominee Jim Keet, particularly the attention given by Democrats to Keet's multiple tax payment foulups. Metaphors are powerful, of course. A man promising great efficiency in government undercuts his case with personal management shortcomings.

But if we are to dwell on overhyped issues, I'd submit the issue of state cars issued to statewide elected officials for decades — if worthy of inspection — isn't the scandal of the century. The GOP editorial/legal action, which goes after Gov. Mike Beebe even though he's the one state officer clearly in legal compliance, has been a bit exaggerated.

I'd note, too, the purely anecdotal evidence of a lack of surging public interest, as measured by an absence of much vigorous discussion of the issue here each time it's mentioned.

PS — Mark Wilcox's vehicle abuse is a separate matter worth investigating in more than a civil lawsuit. Martha Shoffner's ill-chosen remarks speak for themselves politically.

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