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World championship cheese dip




The First World Cheese Dip Championship, the subject of this week's cover story, is underway at Diickey-Stephens park. Looking food. (I meant good, but it also looked like food.) I judged, doing my bit for charity.

Lots of good cheese dip was judged. After 15 samples, I concluded less is more. A good spice blend is more important than sausage or spinach or cilantro or other chunks of stuff. Nice try on a vegan entry, but ....

Huge crowd. Some people had their five-gallon pots wiped out in an instant. Perfect day. The mezzanine provided shade from another day of 90-degree, but dry weather. Lots of music. Plenty of beer. How long the cheese dip will last is anyone's guess. It was pretty darn good first-time effort for Nick Rogers and his cheese dip mania. I snapped a couple of contestants before the lines got long.


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