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Rick Crawford: nailed



Rick Crawford, the Republican candidate for 1st District Congress, is a liar. He was caught on videotape saying he supported private retirement accounts for people who wanted them in place of conventional Social Security. He doesn't disavow this, despite being given multiple opportunities by a Democrat-Gazette reporter. And still he insists Democrat Chad Causey isn't telling the truth when he says Crawford wants to privatize Social Security.

"Bankrupt rodeo clown," which some have uncharitably called Crawford for his past financial difficulties and former vocation, is a metaphorical fit here. He's also a liar. He had previously told the Democrat-Gazette he'd never supported privatization. Confronted with video evidence, he no longer wants to talk about it.

Social Security as we know it could not exist if a portion of contributors were parceled off to their own devices. Republicans know it. That's why they favor it. The want to drive a stake through the program. At heart — just as former U.S. Rep. Jay Dickey admitted to me once in a moment of candor in the Little Rock National Airport — they believe the government program is a bad idea — socialism/the fit paying for the unworthy — though they dare not say it publicly.

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