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Lincoln plays war vets' card



Sen. Blanche Lincoln is sending around a fund-raising letter from an Iraq war veteran who cites a John Boozman vote against a bill that included money for body armor. And subsequent bills with health care and other money for vets.

This is the downside, of course, to Boozman's fiscal rigor. Lots of good projects wouldn't have been financed if others had not stood up and made the call to spend the money. Perhaps we can't afford tax cuts for the rich if they mean sacrificing veterans' health care or body armor. Is that fiscally irresponsible? You decide.

I asked Boozman's campaign about this criticism. They didn't respond.


This election is extremely personal to me.

On October 16, 2003, Congressman John Boozman voted against legislation providing body armor for Arkansas soldiers and additional armor for our vehicles. At the time, I was with the 39th Infantry Brigade in Fort Hood, Texas receiving combat training in preparation for our deployment to Iraq.

When we arrived in Kuwait in March of 2004, we were forced to use scrap metal and sandbags to harden our vehicles and protect ourselves.

Blanche has always fought for us Veterans, and right now we need to fight for her. Will you join me helping re-elect Blanche to the U.S. Senate?

We are just 26 days away from Election Day, and every dollar makes a difference.

As my Senator, Blanche has led the efforts to increase Veterans benefits, improve access to quality health care, and provide valuable support services for Arkansas's Veterans and their families. On top of that, she cosponsored and voted for Force Protection Equipment for our troops.

And where does Congressman Boozman stand? He voted against health care funding for Arkansas Veterans, against job training assistance for returning active duty service members, and against concurrent receipt of disability and retirement for Veterans.

Elections are a choice, and for me - as a 37-year Veteran - the choice could not be clearer. When Arkansas's Veterans needed someone to fight for them - Blanche Lincoln was there for us. And, now we need to be there for her.

I'm putting everything I have into re-electing Blanche, because Arkansas's Veterans cannot afford to lose her leadership in the Senate. But, I need your help today if she is going to win on November 2.

Blanche has built an impressive 75-county operation, but in these final weeks she needs your help to fund it. Click here to contribute today - even $5 will make a difference in turning out the vote.

As the former Commander of the 39th Infantry Brigade, an Iraqi war veteran and former Commander of the 142nd Field Artillery Brigade, I know a thing or two about strong leadership and I can tell you that Blanche Lincoln is the kind of leader we need to keep in the Senate.


COL (Ret) Mike Ross

COL (Ret) Mike Ross of North Little Rock is serving as Veterans Coordinator for the Lincoln campaign. He is the Former Commander of the 39th Infantry Brigade, an Iraqi war veteran and Former Commander of the 142nd Field Artillery Brigade. He is an expert in military readiness and pre-mobilization training. Col. Ross has 37 years of Military Service and has been credited with more Command Time and War Fighting Training experience than any Officer in the history of the Arkansas National Guard. He is a recipient of the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star and the Meritorious Service Medal.

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