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Great column by Ernest Dumas this week that takes off with the wonderful coincidence of two mail-order Ph.d. holders in Clinton, Ark. — one the English builldog Dr. Maxwell Sniffingwell, the other the Republican Party committeeman who's the plaintiff in the Republican lawsuit over state constitutional officers' cars.

That story is good enough. But Dumas goes on to examine some other resume padding among prominent Republicans — in other states and here, such as 2nd District Republican candidate Tim Griffin, he who's currently lauding the high character the DOG editorialists have seen in him.

In Arkansas, we have had to deal with only the usual petty exaggerations. Griffin, who fed us Rhoda's puffery, has had to scrub up his vitae from time to time. He had boasted that he had prosecuted 40 criminal cases during a stint as a Reservist at Fort Campbell, Ky. The Army said, however, that he had been an assistant counsel and only on three cases, none of which went to trial. Now his vitae says only that he worked on the case of a private who pleaded guilty to trying to kill his platoon sergeant.

Early resumes mentioned Griffin's work for Prosecuting Attorney Betty Dickey at Pine Bluff in 1996, when he managed her losing race for attorney general. Dickey nosedived when it was revealed that the courts had dropped charges against more than 90 persons because her office missed the speedy trial deadlines for trying them. That duty has been scrubbed from Griffin's life story. He was working for the government in Washington then.

For a guy whose career was spent trashing politicians of the other party, you could say those are trivial sins.

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