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Mike Ross: Poetic justice?



A Republican political consulting firm has a poll that it claims shows Republican 4th District candidate Beth Anne Rankin closing to within 3 points, or virtually a dead heat, with incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Ross.

Perhaps those polled have decided that if their choice is to be a Republican versus a Republican on every important issue of the day — from health care on down — they might as well vote for the certified one.

The lower the interest in the race held by those polled, the more likely they were to vote for Mike Ross. Perhaps he ought to give those voters a reason to get excited. Such as tax cuts for the poor, not the rich; universal health care; a broader stimulus package to bring work to the unemployed of South Arkansas; human rights for all. Mike Ross might really need those 5 percent leaning Green according to the poll. But he's long told them to go straight to hell. Payback can be a bitch.

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