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Behind the liberal media billboards




Billboards have gone up in the Little Rock area warning motorists about the liberal media.

Just so you'll know. It's the work of the right-wing Media Research Center, which has targeted some specific media outlets in major cities — such as the New York Times and major TV networks save Fox, with circling trucks mounted with signs. (The Media Research Center's moneybags include names like Olin, Bradley, Scaife — the same right-wingers who funded the Arkansas Project to take down Bill Clinton.)

Here, it's hard to say who the target might be. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette? Don't think so. We'd be flattered if they sent a truck circling our place. Markham and Scott, guys.

PS — Among the MRC's current pet peeves is media criticism of anti-gay preachers. There's a growing theme in conservative media that suicides by gay kids who've been targets of bullies have been overplayed to advance the "homosexual agenda" and that critics of homosexuals have been unfairly blamed as playing a role in attitudes that have led to the suicides. Bishop Eddie Long notwithstanding.

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