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A couple of items of interest at the Arkansas Supreme Court today:

* The court denied a petition by lawyers in a taxpayer's suit seeking to strike a usury amendment from the ballot that would have allowed a lower court judge to consider a motion blocking the secretary of state from putting the measure on the ballot. Among the issues in the case challenging the three-part legislatively referred amendment is whether the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction to consider a challenge to the ballot title and other defects of the measure.

(IN ANSWER TO A QUESTION: This likely means the question of the amendment's place on the ballot will be decided not only ultimately, but originally, by the Supreme Court, not first by a lower court.)

* The court said Circuit Judge Gerald Crow had abused discretion by combining the eastern and western judicial districts in Carroll County into one. He'd wanted to consolidate court business in Berryville and cease cases in Eureka Springs.

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