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Republicans respond on car order


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Jim Keet led the Republican response this afternoon to Gov. Mike Beebe's report on the state vehicle fleet and his executive order to classify and oversee assignment of state vehicles to state employees.

Whatever improvements brought to the 8,000-vehicle fleet is overshadowed by the fact that five statewide officials are driving state cars, which the Republican Party believes to be unconstitutional, said Keet. That's a bad example. And he said the situation had been allowed to fester too long. He also seems to be taking credit for Democrat-Gazette reporting on auto usage by an earlier general call for better ethics in government. Uh huh. He does say Beebe has taken a "good first step." And he moved on to unrelated territory — he's copying Blanche Lincoln and complaining his opponent won't accept his challenge to multiple debates, rather than only the coming AETN debate.

Still want to know why, if car privileges amount to unconstitutional income enhancements for elected officials, pensions and paid health insurance aren't.

Keet expands his broadside against government operations by suggesting there are no checks on official use of state credit cards.

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