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Boozman gets a chuckle



Rep. John Boozman was caught lying down with some Tea Party dogs yesterday and he couldn't avoid getting up with tea leaves.

Wingnut radio host Rusty Humphries, according to the state Democratic Party, earned chuckles and appreciation from Boozman for such laugh lines as saying federal stimulus money was wasted on "slackers and stupid people." Like the stupid people at UAMS, one guesses. Read on.


Congressman John Boozman appeared at the Ozark Tea Party Rally in Mountain Home, Arkansas yesterday alongside radical right wing radio personality Rusty Humphries.

Congressman Boozman cheered, clapped and laughed throughout Humphries offensive speech so it is appropriate to ask Congressman Boozman if he agrees with Rusty Humphries characterizations of new Arkansas homeowners or Arkansas voters.

Rusty Humphries said Recovery Act funds in Arkansas were, “wasted on a lousy attempt to buy votes from slackers and stupid people”.

Does Boozman believe that Recovery Act funding recipients at University of Arkansas Medical School are "slackers and stupid people"? Does Boozman believe the thousands of new Arkansas homeowners who received the first time homebuyers tax credit under the Recovery Act are “slackers and stupid people”?

Does Boozman agree with Humphries’s views that early voters are idiots? Will Boozman discourage early voting?

Rusty Humphries said, “I hate early voting. It drives me nuts. You've got to have two months to vote? What kind of idiot are you?"

“Arkansas deserves better than a Senator who will clap and cheer while an out of state radio personality disparages over forty percent of Arkansans who voted early last election as “idiots” or while he calls first time Arkansas homeowners and the University of Arkansas Medical School “slackers and stupid people”. Congressman Boozman should repudiate the support of the Ozark Tea Party and disavow the comments of Rusty Humphries,” stated Democratic Party of Arkansas Communications Director Joel Coon.

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