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More criticism of GOP lawsuit



More Republicans are grumbling about Republican chair Doyle Webb's headline-grabbing lawsuit over state constitutional officer automobiles. I reported this yesterday. More today from Jason Tolbert, a Republican blogger, who shares unhappiness of unnamed Republicans. Eugene Sayre, attorney in a broader and better drafted lawsuit over a wide range of state vehicle issues, lambasted the suit also in a Democrat-Gazette article this morning.

Somebody asked for more information about the plaintiff in Webb's lawsuit, Johnny Rhoda. He's a member of the Republican Executive Committee from Clinton, described on Tim Griffin's website when he was named Griffin's Van Buren County campaign chairman:

Rhoda, who holds a PhD in Business Administration from Belford University, has a history of business management lasting nearly 30 years. He is currently a director and the managing agent of Island Financial Group, P.L.L.C., in Clinton. He also serves on the board of Dawn International, Inc., and is chairman of the board for Word and Faith Christian Church, where he is also pastor. Rhoda also serves as superintendent of the Cornerstone Christian Academy in Clinton.

UPDATE: Rhoda also shares a certain kinship with Doyle Webb, who, according to the morning paper, recently settled a huge foreclosure action against him over arrearages on properties in Benton. Documents on file with the Van Buren County clerk indicate Rhoda was in default on a mortgage on property on Horton Street in Clinton. It was sold to a bank in a courthouse auction for $160,000 July 14.

And thanks to Norma for the credential check on Dr. Rhoda's Ph. D. from Belford University.

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