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Lincoln: Keep working



Noted: Sen. Blanche Lincoln was in the minority that voted against congressional adjournment yesterday in favor of continued work.

Better that some people should go home, such as Rep. John Boozman, Lincoln's opponent. He voted yesterday, Lincoln's campaign noted, against legislation that provides medical care for first responders of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Does Boozman hate first responders? No he hates that the legislation would be financed by an ending to tax subsidies for foreign national corporations that incorporate in tax havens to avoid taxes on U.S.-earned income.

"Senator Blanche Lincoln has a strong record fighting for Arkansas jobs and has consistently voted to repeal tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas while fighting for tax cuts for companies that keep jobs here at home," Lincoln campaign manager Steve Patterson said. "Congressman Boozman is protecting corporate tax evaders at the expense of Arkansas working families."

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