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Lawyers urge speed on usury challenge


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Christopher Brockett and Gene Sayre dropped by not long ago to drop off copies of a circuit court filing aimed at speeding consideration of their challenge there of a proposed constitutional amendment if the state Supreme Court decides it doesn't have original jurisdiction to hear the case. The lawyers are challenging a triple-header amendment in which the legislature lumped together three wholly different proposals — on interest limits, on bond issue interest and on bonds for energy efficiency projects. These had to be lumped together because the legislature can only propose three and two others took priority, including the senseless gun lobby campaign to declare a constitutional "right to hunt."

The lawyers say they expect an intervention in the case from a law firm acting in the interest of bond firms anxious to eliminate any potential impediments to issuance of government bonds. That wouldn't have been a problem had the gun nuts not required soothing first — over government bonds and retail interest limits. Priorities.

The Supreme Court may rule tomorrow on their petition to speed the Supreme Court action. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has asked for more time to prepare.


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