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An environmental group pushing for the best possible pollution control rules for the Lake Maumelle watershed reminds that Thursday, Sept. 30 is the deadline for comments on land use proposals.

Developers, naturally, want the loosest rules possible for the maximum number of home developments. The environmental group supports a low impact land use option that includes rewards for preservation of undeveloped land.

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Dear Supporters of Lake Maumelle,

Your voices are needed to help protect Lake Maumelle and your drinking water.

Pulaski County government is currently seeking public input for a Land Use Plan they are developing that will regulate development in the Pulaski Co. portion of the Lake Maumelle watershed. Public input on the Land Use Plan has been robustly dominated by a few developers. Developers are demanding a Land Use Plan that will allow them to build homes too numerous and depend on man-made structures to protect water quality.

Deadline for public comments is September 30. Citizens Protecting Maumelle Watershed strongly urges you to comment in support of Alternative Concept 3. Any Land Use Plan must ultimately be approved by the Pulaski County Planning Board and Quorum Court.

Alternative Concept 3 is supported by Citizens Protecting Maumelle Watershed as a low impact development option that offers the best long-term protection for Lake Maumelle. We endorse it because it is based on the conservation design which encourages preservation of undeveloped land through rewards. It is also simple to understand, easy to administer, complies with the Lake Maumelle Watershed Management Plan and is consistent with accepted land use planning in Arkansas.

What action must you take to help protect your drinking water? As soon as possible, please submit your comments to Director Van McClendon (, Pulaski County Planning & Development, and 'cc' your comments to Silvia Vargas ( with the consulting firm Wallace Roberts Todd. To have the biggest impact please make your comments in your own words about the benefits and value of high quality, affordable drinking water to central Arkansas and note your support for Alternative Concept 3 as best protecting Lake Maumelle.

You will find details of the development options being considered on the Pulaski Co. web site at:

with a map of Alternative Concept 3 on page 52.

Will we defend Lake Maumelle as robustly as developers promote overdevelopment?

Let us know if we can help in any way or if you would like more details on the development options being considered. Please share this with anyone you know who is interested in helping protect our drinking water.

Citizens Protecting Maumelle Watershed
Barry Haas (
Kate Althoff (

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