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School report — UPDATE



OK. I bagged out. I cooked dinner. But I've checked here and there on the LR School Board on behalf of an ATT&T U-verse subscriber who said that it doesn't offer Comcast's local news coverage. (UPDATE: A reader in comments below explains for my uninformed friend that the LR school channel is now available on the service.)


Baker Kurrus left with flags flying. He objected to the administration's love of buying programs (the suspicion is always that the programs are purchased from the Good Ol' Boys Club of education administrators.) He says we need good teachers, period. And more of them. And we won't get them by paying $32,000 to starting teachers while Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville are paying $41,000.

Melanie Fox, who should be the next president of the School Board, pitches in with the epic catalogue of "program lists" when "you're not doing anything effectively."

It's time to sweep out the underbrush. Katherine Mitchell and Dianne Curry have a different view. But they are now in the minority.

UPDATE: Shazam. Drama. The rump minority black bloc, led by Micheal Daugherty, is trying to jam through a TWO-YEAR extension of Supt. Linda Watson's contract. Out of order? Sufficient votes? At 7:15 p.m, the Board is in recess. We'll see.

UPDATE I: After a break, the motion to extend Watson's contract has been withdrawn. The Board is now meeting in executive session in recess. I may be wrong, but I don't think there are four votes on the current board to extend Watson's contract. After the new membership? No way.

UPDATE II: The Board reconvened without making further mention of the earlier discussion of Watson's contract. They moved quickly to an application for a new charter school at the Job Corps Center that District attorney Chris Heller spoke warmly of. This school is committed to special ed students, Heller noted. The Board said it would support this charter school application.

And that may be all.

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