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More tax cuts for the rich



It is truly hopeless.

Now almost four dozen House Democrats have signed onto the idea of not only extending the 2001 Bush income tax cuts for the wealthy, they want to ALSO extend the tax cut on dividends and capital gains (yes, they apply to all taxpayers but the cuts are overwhelmingly of benefit to the wealthy).

You know it. Marion Berry and Mike Ross are on the list.

The billionaire who lives on dividend and capital gains earning will enjoy a lower effective tax rate than a working stiff. Tax work, not wealth. Now it's the credo of a significant sector of the Democratic Party.

RELATED: Bill Clinton gives an extended interview to Politico in which he offers his suggestions for the president and the Democratic Party. Stronger pushback and a unified national message are a couple of the things he mentioned. Hard to do when people like Mike Ross and Marion Berry flop on their backs like submissive dogs for Republican orthodoxy.

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