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Boozman votes against small business



President Obama pushed his big small business legislation, with billions in credit and tax breaks, through the House today.

Rep. John Boozman voted against aid to small business. Said the Democratic Party:

Congressman Boozman voted against the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act which would provide 30 billion dollars to fund small business lending, such as: loans to finance agricultural production and loans to farmers including those loans secured by farmland. The American Farm Bureau federation supports the bill saying the bill will make health insurance more affordable and make it easier for farmers to purchase new equipment. In addition, it includes $12 billion in tax cuts for Small Business. The legislation also has the distinction of being completely paid for.

“This is an astonishing display of contempt for Arkansas farmers and small business by Congressman Boozman,” said Democratic Party of Arkansas Communications Director Joel Coon. "Congressman Boozman should spend less time hobnobbing with Wall Street elites at fancy New York City financial sector fundraisers like he did two days ago and spend more time working for Arkansas small business.”

Lincoln actually voted for this one back in the Senate.

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