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We're No. 44! And other silliness



The Beebe campaign touts new per capita income figures that put Arkansas at 44th in 2009, highest evuh.

I don't give Beebe credit for that any more than I discredit him for August's drop in employment. The Keet people will probably say income is up because of all those wasteful featherbed gubmint jobs.

SPEAKING OF CAMPAIGN SILLINESS: The Ark. Republican Party has filed an ethics complaint over a franked mailing by Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Looks too much like campaign promotional material, says Chairman Doyle Webb, who knows bad ethics when he sees it, having been a practitioner. Doesn't all franked stuff essentially look like campaign material? This is a stretch for a headline, but it appears to be working. The complaint turns almost entirely on whether Lincoln complied with the law by dropping the mailing before a 60-day pre-election blackout period began or whether she should be held responsible if the Postal Service didn't get all the mailing delivered before the period began. (With the IRS, isn't it the postmark that counts?)

AND MORE SILLINESS: Republicans announce that the "Fire Pelosi" buscapade will be in Little Rock at GOP HQ at 6 p.m. Thursday, along with Republican Chairman Michael Steele (undoubtedly dispatched to the hinterlands to stay out of view as much as possible). I've asked if Steele is really riding the bus to town, or flying in to make a cameo. He's more of a private jet type traveler as a rule. However, an RNC spokeswoman says the chairman will be "on the bus."


Arkansas’s economy continued its upward climb today with the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) release of finalized 2009 per-capita personal income rankings, moving Arkansas up to 44th. This ranking places Arkansas at its highest point since BEA began collecting per-capita income data in the 50 years the federal government has kept those statistics.

“While I’m not happy to be 44th, Arkansans can be proud we are making progress in the right direction. Arkansas continues to see progress in the midst of the worst national economic downturn of our lifetimes,” said Governor Beebe. “Arkansas has seen 25,000 new jobs announced in the past four years, but I won’t stop working to increase the jobs and wages of our people.”

In 2006, Arkansas ranked 48th in the nation for per-capita personal income. In three and a half years under Governor Beebe’s leadership, Arkansas has moved ahead of four other states at a rate much higher than the national average (16.07% to 9.23%).

To view complete BEA per-capita personal income rankings, please visit: http://www.bea.gov/regional/spi/drill.cfm?seltable=SA1-3&selLineCode=400&selYears=2009

USA Today, in a study on state recovery from the economic downturn, ranked Arkansas 11th in the nation for personal income growth coming out of the recession.

To view the entire story from USA Today, please visit: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2010-09-21-1Astateincome21_ST_N.htm?loc=interstitialskip.

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