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The Tuesday line is open.

I'll be back later with school election results.

NEWS NOTE: The Democratic Campaign Committee notes this happy assertion by the Club for Growth, a prominent supporter of Republican congressional candidate Tim Griffin:

“Privatize Social Security? Hell Yeah!” was the title of a blog post from the Club for Growth today. The group wrote that candidates should “embrace” privatizing Social Security and “support it loudly” instead of “running away” from it.

Tim might have an alibi for his pals to keep this from sticking to him. But can you believe him, particularly since starving government is an article of faith with this gang? A guy who would stick a dishonest shiv in the back of a fellow Republican like Bud Cummins to claw his way into hisjob is hardly to be trusted on something so piddly as a little monthly check for old poor folks.

ALSO: Here's some news coverage of the trial of Aaron Jones for torching his Chenal Valley mansion to get out from under crushing debts. Neighbors apparently are skeptical of his story that he was tied up and robbed but managed to be not tied up enough to escape the inferno, which occurred while his family and pets were — luckily — in Florida.

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