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Blue Dogs and billionaires



If the Republicans have their way, and force a single vote on extension of all Bush tax cuts — rather than a separate vote on continuing the economically useless bonanza for the wealthy — they'll have Blue Dog Democrats to thank, Talking Points Memo notes.

We already know Rep. Mike Ross is snuggled up to the billoinaires, by letter of declaration. Talking Points Memo lists Rep. Marion Berry as merely a Blue Dog, not yet signatory to a committed bonanza-for-billionaires. There was a time when Berry could be a potential vote for the greater good, but with a protege in a tight race to succeed him, I expect his courage will be in short supply.

Democrats need a dose of Bill Clinton's political sense, on display on a recent Daily Show. Snippet: "Those of us who aren't suffering should pay so that those who are can get the job training they need."

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