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Janet Huckabee in wreck UPDATE



To the caller who reported seeing former Arkansas First Lady Janet Huckabee standing alongside Interstate 30 near an accident this morning, your eyes did not deceive you. Reports the State Police:

The Arkansas State Police was notified about 7:15 this morning (Monday, September 20th) of a highway crash in the westbound lanes of I-30 near the I-630 interchange.

Trooper John Blackmon reports that a westbound vehicle driven by Janet Huckabee, 55, of Miramar Beach, Florida attempted to merge from the far right lane of traffic into the center lane of I-30 where another westbound vehicle already occupied space. In an attempt to avoid a collision, Mrs. Huckabee attempted to return to the far right lane but lost control of her vehicle and according to Trooper Blackmon caused a collision involving four vehicles.

Mrs. Huckabee was ticketed for Careless and Prohibited Driving.

UPDATE: State Police says the accident didn't require transport of any of those involved for hospital treatment.

UPDATE II: I received a note about the accident from Kevin Crass, attorney for the Huckabee family. His report:

I have visited with Janet Huckabee and a passenger in Mrs. Huckabee's car. She was not actually involved in the accident, but witnessed it in her rear view mirror and stopped to render aid. Mrs.Huckabee did not lose control of her car, was neither hit by another vehicle nor hit another vehicle. She stopped to render assistance and at first was told by the officer she could go, then he asked for her information. Another driver claimed Mrs. Huckabee was talking on her cell phone and attempting to change lanes. Mrs. Huckabee was not on the phone as both phone records and the passenger in her car can verify. She will contest the ticket in court. We are grateful no one was seriously injured.

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