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Mike Huckabee, 'family values' on parade



Those great family values, fear and loathing, are on display today at the so-called Values Summit.

Mike Huckabee fed plenty of red meat about the "extreme left" agenda to the crowd. Among others, he apparently thinks President Obama should have made like Aquaman and swum down to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to plug that oil gusher.

How much is Huckabee pandering? Try this: He says that the health care reform law that requires insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing medical conditions "sounds terrific," but says it is unaffordable. In other words, says Huckster to those with chronic conditions who can even pay for insurance: F*** you. Talking Points Memo has the amazing audio.

Huckabee's decision to compare sick people to burned down houses is right up there with his ill-timed crack on assassination humor. It's getting a lot of play around the web. His backing and filling should be coming along soon.

Huckabee opened the hatefest and was well received The Atlantic said, but Sen. Jim DeMint really brought the house down by cheering recent Tea Party candidate wins.

Huckabee seems positively liberal compared with some of the cranks who'll be speaking, such as Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. Fischer is so nutso, People for the American Way has asked Huckabee and other speakers to disavow Fischer's anti-Islamic, anti-gay rhetoric. The group best not hold its breath.

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