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Thank you, sir, may I have another tax cut?



Have the Bush tax cuts been great, or what? The percentage in poverty in the U.S. is now 1 in 7, the highest rate since 1994. (The state rate is more than 17 percent.)

More tax cuts for the wealthy should keep this trickle-down goodness coming. And that is, of course, what Boozman, Griffin, Crawford and Co. have in mind. Between bonanzas for billionaires and reduction of succor for the poor and sick, such as expanded health coverage, this gang could push the poverty rate to 20 percent by 2014. Peonage did wonders for the medieval barons of old, after all.

(I love how the wire service reporting puts the abysmal number at the feet of the Obama administration, in power for 20 months. Though, it's true that, as these things go, the current admnistration is going to bear the blame for the mess it inherited.)

PS — Yes, I know Mike Ross is among the 31 Democrats who have demanded a tax cut for the wealthy. Is he ever on the right side of anything? You want Ross to be FOR something, try a school flagpole assembly, with open carry firearm, to pray for bad things to happen to gay people and a prohibition on universal health coverage.

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