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Caution kids: CCTV in operation



SCHOOL CAMERAS: Moving from just halls to class.
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  • SCHOOL CAMERAS: Moving from just halls to class.

The Hope School District has spent $540,000 in federal stimulus money to install surveillance cameras in most classrooms — special ed is among some exempted areas. This is supposed to be about enhanced safety for teachers and students, though the superintendent admits nobody will be monitoring the cameras most of the time.

Please pass along to Hope students this link from merry olde England, where closed circuit TV is nearly universal.

In a speech two weeks ago, Jack Straw mocked my suggestion that Britain's pupils were being groomed for the surveillance society. I wonder how the justice secretary reacts to a story from Davenant Foundation School in Loughton, Essex, where pupils walked out of classrooms that were fitted with CCTV cameras — on the grounds that their civil liberties were being breached — and refused to return until the camera system had been turned off.

You wonder if Hope studied some of the pros and cons, as suggested here.

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