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An angle for Democrats?



A raft of new polling in recent days ratifies the Republican Party's obvious advantage in 2010 at every level. The only hope is that dissatisfaction with Democrats doesn't mean voters think well of Republicans. They think even less of them, they just constitute change as the minority party at the moment. The Times finds arguments for both in its latest sounding:

A case for Republicans: Voters are remarkably open to change, even if they are not sure where Republicans will lead them. Most Americans, including one-third of those in the coalition that elected Mr. Obama, now say he does not have a clear plan to solve the nation’s problems or create jobs. Democrats remain highly vulnerable on the economy.

A case for Democrats: They are seen as having better ideas for solving the country’s problems. The public steadfastly supports the president’s proposal to let tax cuts expire for the wealthiest Americans. And far more people still blame Wall Street and the Bush administration than blame Mr. Obama for the country’s economic problems.

Voters have a darker view of Congressional Republicans than of Democrats, with 63 percent disapproving of Democrats and 73 percent disapproving of Republicans. But with less than two months remaining until Election Day, there are few signs that Democrats have made gains persuading Americans that they should keep control of Congress.

The scariest part of recent polling is the finding that shows some 40 percent of voters sympathetic to the Tea Party. I have to believe that's a general sympathy to a throw-the-bums-out message, not an understanding of where the Koch-financed and Armey-influenced movement would lead the country specifically.

And who will co-opt who — Tea Party or Republican Party?

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