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Facts? State GOP doesn't need them



Talk about a pre-emptive strike.

On news that the AFL-CIO is sending out mailers to its members around the country urging support for Democratic congressional candidates, including Joyce Elliott in Arkansas's 2nd District, the Arkansas Republican Party has issued a news release blasting the mailer though it apparently hasn't seen it. My emphasis in quote

In response to a report earlier this week in Hotline On Call that the AFL-CIO is targeting Arkansas’s Second District as part of a nationwide campaign to flood mailboxes with two million mail pieces reported to be “entirely negative,” Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) Senior Communications Advisor Alice Stewart issued the following statement

You gotta love the cut-and-pasted rhetoric:

Voters in the Second District deserve a serious debate on how we can create sustainable private sector jobs and get our fiscal house in order. They are looking for common sense solutions, not negative personal attacks by out-of-state big labor bosses committed to continuing the Obama-Pelosi agenda and passing out-of-touch legislation like card check

Maybe the mailer is a personal attack — the thuggish Republican Tim Griffin certainly is open to such— maybe it's not. I haven't seen it either. It would do well to be about getting "our fiscal house in order." Tim Griffin wants to run up the deficit by an additional $4 trillion dollars the next 10 years by cutting rich people's taxes. He wants to defeat an Obama plan to prime the economic pump by putting people to work. Yes, fiscal issues. Let's talk.

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