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'Do right,' send Mike Huckabee money



Mike Huckabee, the P.T. Barnum of American politics, has a great new gimmick, I'm informed by a newsletter from the Huck PAC.

Huck PAC has obtained 1,000 copies of my book, “Do the Right Thing.” If you contribute $35 or more, I will send you a signed copy — and if you make a donation of $100 or more, I will personalize the message when I sign your copy.

Whether you want a copy for yourself, your neighbor, or you just want to try and convert a liberal - there are only 1,000 copies left - so reserve your copy of "Do the Right Thing" today. We’ll do our best to get the book to you quickly; your book will ship as soon as I have a chance to sign your copy.

Talk about a win/win. The more money the PAC receives, the more Huckabee books it can buy from the boss, in addition to financing various of his political ventures. It'll be interesting to follow PAC finance reports for acquisition costs of the book, which is available on the web for as little as $11.66.

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