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How many candidates for lieutenant governor (teats on a boar hog if ever there was) have made job creation a platform? All of them? Shane Broadway joins the eternal roster today. (I guess you could say Bill Halter actually succeeded after a fashion; the multi-million-dollar executive payroll at the Lottery Commission certainly stimulated somebody's economy.)

Broadway's news release on the jump. I note item No. 1: He's going to cut taxes! How the state can afford it, he doesn't say. You may be sure that the tax cuts are tilted toward the fat cats, apart from a promise to continue to try to "phase out" the tax on groceries: He'd phase out the sales tax on manufacturers' utilties; provide a new investment tax credit and, you know it, reduce the already low capital gains tax stil more.

He's also going to build partnerships. Read that: He's going to give still more taxpayer money to private businesses. And improve education! And promote clean energy! And end the war in the Middle East! (OK, he really didn't suggest that last one, but he'd have about equal influence there.)

The most significant element of today's event was that Gov. Mike Beebe was willing to appear in public with his party's candidate for lieutenant governor. He hasn't shucked the ticket yet for self-preservation.

Meanwhile, Republican nominee Mark Darr proclaims again that he's the candidate who'll fight hardest to end a woman's right to a legal abortion. Fortunately, that's a task beyond the lt. gov.'s pay grade.


Shane Broadway Launches ‘More and Better Jobs For Arkansas’ Plan, Tour

Veteran of economic development wants to put skills to work as Lieutenant Governor

BRYANT, ARKANSAS — Shane Broadway, candidate for Arkansas Lieutenant Governor, unveiled his “More and Better Jobs for Arkansas” Plan Tuesday. He’s also kicking off a statewide tour where he will discuss his More and Better Jobs Plan and how to continue moving Arkansas forward.

Joined Tuesday by Governor Mike Beebe at Power Technology, Inc. in Alexander, a family-owned, Arkansas-based manufacturer, Broadway laid out his plan for bringing more and better jobs to Arkansas. A preview of the plan can be found below.

“We need more and better jobs for Arkansas’s future,” Broadway said. “I’ve worked inside state and local government and with the private sector to create jobs. That’s what I will do as Lieutenant Governor. I can do it because I’ve done it.”

“If your truck breaks down, you take it to a guy who fixes trucks. If your roof leaks, you find a guy who knows how to fix a roof. I’m the guy in the race for Lieutenant Governor who knows how to create jobs,” Broadway said. “We all know that in Arkansas you need a plan of action, jobs don’t just appear at your doorstep. I’ve worked with Governor Beebe and his team, that has done a great job attracting new jobs to Arkansas.”

“We need more jobs and better jobs. We need to continue bringing more of the high tech, high paying jobs of the future to Arkansas. We have the educational system and the ready and willing workforce. I want our children and grandchildren to be able to live, work and worship in Arkansas and a good job makes that possible.”

Broadway has worked for the Saline County Economic Development Corporation since it began implementing its strategic plan 5 years ago. As an economic developer and state legislator, he has worked closely with small businesses and industry, local community and education leaders and entrepreneurs to attract new jobs and retain existing jobs for hard working Arkansans across the state.

Throughout the tour, Broadway will discuss his specific and detailed plan to get Arkansans back to work, laying out his ideas to build on Arkansas's stable and diverse economy. The tour will hit cities large and small in every corner of the state, with events at local businesses, education institutions, and other venues.

Shane Broadway’s More and Better Jobs for Arkansas Plan:

1. Cut Taxes

Cutting taxes will stimulate job creation, improve our economy, and make our state strong…and I know how to cut taxes.

2. Quick Action and Technology Acceleration

We must continue to follow the strategic plan laid out by Governor Beebe and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. Our first focus must be on our existing industries. The companies who have already invested in our communities and our people, are more likely to create more and better jobs.

3. Build Partnerships

It is the private sector that creates jobs. Government’s role is to make that easier.

4. Improve Education

Our economic foundation is only as strong as our education system. To remain competitive in a demanding job market and to attract new jobs to Arkansas we must continue improving our educational system and prepare our children and working adults for the new opportunities that await.

5. Promote Clean Energy Jobs

Arkansas is well positioned to be a leader in this booming Clean Energy economy with innovative minds, a dedicated workforce, ready infrastructure, and prime location. Arkansas’s future is Clean Energy and the future is now.

To download Brodaway’s entire “More and Better Jobs for Arkansas” Plan, please visit www.shanebroadway.com/jobsplan where it is available online.

A lifelong resident of Arkansas, Broadway is married to the former Debbie Tableriou and lives in Bryant where the couple attends First Baptist Church. Broadway has served in the Arkansas House of Representatives and State Senate. He is Director of Client Development for InSight Communications of Bryant and is also employed by the Saline County Development Corporation. Broadway is a graduate of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

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