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Those devilish details



I get copies of quite a bit of the e-mail correspondence among Little Rock School District administrators and school board members. Every now and then items of interest stand out. For example:

1) Superintendent Linda Watson has proposed increasing the budget line item for miscellaneous expenses, which ran under $500,000 in 2009-10, to $3.5 million for the current school year. Board member Melanie Fox wonders why.

2) Board member Fox also notes a change in teachers' contracts means teachers are no longer required to send to parents paper copies of interim reports that indicate students are failing. Teachers are required to post regular progress reports on-line that should indicate coming quarterly reports. But, Fox notes in a note to another Board member:

... What about ALL the families — low income most of all — the children about whom we are so concerned — who do NOT have a computer. I’m not sure what to do about this but I certainly wanted you to know what is going one. We, and I think most of the board, agree on the point that parents need to be involved and told about the progress of their kids frequently so they have an opportunity to improve grades or get help. ...

Good question.

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