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NEWS NOTE: All of the Arkansas congressional delegation save Dr. No John Boozman joined in announcing a $1.5 million grant to help women victims of violence and to aid in prosecution of violence against women. Some more of that wasteful pork. Dr. No will be stopping this nonsense when HE's a senator.


Washington — U.S. Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor and U.S. Representatives Marion Berry (AR-01), Vic Snyder (AR-02) and Mike Ross (AR-04) today announced that the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration will receive a $1,545,759 U.S. Department of Justice grant to support victim’s services as well as law enforcement and prosecution to help prevent violence against women in Arkansas.

Arkansas will use its STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant program funds to enhance local law enforcement efforts to crack down on rape, sexual assault and domestic violence, and to prosecute violent crimes against women. Funding will support coordinators who work with victims and witnesses, deputy prosecutors, investigators and domestic violence officers in law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys’ offices throughout Arkansas. In addition, funds will be used to support domestic violence shelters and other organizations that provide services for victims.

“I’ve visited with victims of domestic abuse and have seen firsthand the positive impact that assistance programs can have,” Lincoln said. “I am pleased to announce this funding that will provide important services for victims and ensure law enforcement agencies throughout Arkansas have the resources they need to effectively combat and prosecute violent crimes against women.”

“Violence against women ruins lives and tears apart families,” Pryor said. “These funds will help our state put a stop to this violence and provide critical support for victims and families in need.”

“The Violence Against Women Act is helping us move toward giving a voice to many women who may have suffered from domestic abuse, while creating stronger law enforcement measures against rape and sexual assault crimes, and strengthening prosecution of such cases so we can ensure that acts of violence like these are taken off our streets and out of homes,” Berry said.

“Domestic violence is a destructive and disturbing problem in our communities,” Snyder said. “This funding will provide law enforcement needed support to ensure that women and communities are protected from abuse and that victims have the services they need to recover.”

“Violence against women affects far too many families across Arkansas today,” Ross said. “Providing our local law enforcement with the resources and support they need to combat violent crime against women is key to helping those families affected heal and rebuild.”

“This award provides us the opportunity to develop and strengthen effective responses to violence against women,” said Ann Purvis, Administrator of the Office of Intergovernmental Services within the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. “This funding will support the development and improvement of effective law enforcement and prosecution strategies to address violent crimes against women and the development and improvement of advocacy and services in cases involving violent crimes against women.”

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