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Sorry. I"ve been engrossed today in a book by Wilbert Rideau, the convicted murderer from my hometown who spent 44 years in Louisiana's Angola prison, many of them as an award-winning journalist, before finally winning his release.

Sounds like mostly cop beat news to report today. In addition to the multiple fatal, Channel 4 is reporting the death of an Oklahoma police officer as a result of a fight at Electric Cowboy. He was in town for National Guard training. A man arrested in the death told police officers that he hit the man after he swung at him first. A police report said the altercation was over a female.

Want some political news: Nate Silver has crunched the "kitchen sink" of numbers and predictions and comes to this conclusion on House elections:

On average, the model predicts a net gain of 45 to 50 seats for Republicans, which if achieved would put the G.O.P in the majority. But there are 90 districts, the model finds, in which either party still has at least a 10 percent chance of prevailing, and it is on a district-by-district basis that each party will learn of their fate on Nov. 2.

His charts shows a 97 percent chance of Democrats losing the 2nd District and 83 percent chance in the 1st.

ALSO: Here's coverage in Columbus, Ohio of the funeral for Jefferson Thomas, the first death among the Little Rock Nine. Several of the Nine attended, as did Ted Strickland, Ohio's governor.

Elzie Cain
  • Elzie Cain
UPDATE: Here's the police report on the death of the Ardmore, Okla. police officer, Elzie Cain, who died after a fight at the Electric Cowboy, and a photo of Cain distributed by the Little Rock police.

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