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The Lincoln-Boozman debate will air here during the noon hour. Follow Twitter accounts here.

Democratic Party has some questions for Boozman on jump. (I still wish they'd call that 23 percent national sales tax Boozman is sponsoring by its more accurate name, a 30 percent national sales tax.)

DEBATE UPDATE: I don't think there's much news as far as positions are concerned. Lincoln is open to restoring higher tax rate on ultra-wealthy, or extending the tax cut to them "if it can be paid for." She hammers Boozman on support for a national sales tax and for threatening Social Security and Medicare with privatization ideas. She defends health care reform vote and says she improved the bill, but also said, as she has before, that she's willing to work on improving it. Boozman wants lower taxes and lower spending (except for good Arkansas projects). He vows to repeal health care reform.

I'd say both candidates exceeded low debate expectations.

Lincoln closed with a sucker punch on abortion, suggesting Boozman had supported legislation that would allow lawsuits by rapists against doctors for abortions for their rape victim. Boozman said he didn't know what Lincoln was talking about and said his position on abortion, though generally opposed to it, always allowed exceptions for rape and to save the life of the mother. Lincoln wasn't ready with specific citation when Boozman requested it.

Lincoln campaign said later that Boozman was wrong:

Boozman Supported Parental Rights for Rapists. In 2005, Boozman voted against a motion to recommit legislation on parental notification that barred fathers, who committed rape or incest against a minor that resulted in a pregnancy, from being able to sue the doctor who performed an abortion. [Congressional Quarterly Today, 4/27/05; HR 748, Vote 143, 4/27/2005]

Still, Lincoln floundered on this and should have been ready to explain that Boozman had opposed a Democratic amendment to soften an anti-abortion bill so as not to protect a rapist father. She also was caught short-handed in not having a followup when Boozman wrapped himself in troop loyalty for his extensive foreign travels. She could have expected that answer. She also shouldn't have been conditional when Boozman offered a no-holds-barred town hall style debate after all his evasion of debate challenges. What was to meet about? Just say yes.


Congressman Boozman, you voted with John Boehner and the D.C. Republican leadership 96% of the time. Is it safe to assume that you also would support raising the retirement age to 70 as suggested by John Boehner? Is John Boehner wrong to support raising the retirement age to 70?

Congressman Boozman, in 2001, you said, “the future of Social Security is dependent on creating a vehicle for private investment.” How is this not the privatization of Social Security?

Congressman Boozman, under your privatization plan, how will you protect the investments of our seniors against radical downturns in the market? Does this mean the United States Government will be forced to continually bail out Wall Street to protect the retirement security of our citizens?

Congressman Boozman, you co-sponsored two bills supporting the implementation of a nationwide 23% sales tax. When questioned about this, you stated that just because you are a co-sponsor of a bill doesn’t mean you necessarily support it. What other bills cosponsored by you, do you now claim not to support?

A National Association of Homebuilders study concluded that your Fair Tax proposals would produce negative effects for housing and home building markets. Do you think it is wise to impose a 23% tax on home sales?

Congressman Boozman should stop trying to hide from his record and provide answers to these important questions.

Here are some video clips from the debate:

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