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The night is young



But the line is open.

REMINDER: Sen. Blanche Lincoln and John Boozman will debate at noon Friday at the Peabody Hotel. Live-streamed on Fox 16 and to be rebroadcast at 10 p.m. Sunday. Will Boozman wear a Hog hat?

ALSO: Republican operatives finally forced a Hog "scandal" on a Democrat. It has been mentioned that some Razorback cheerleaders put some Beebe stickers on at a rally. Pictures were taken. Beebe's campaign posted a couple on a Facebook page. This is not a commercial use, mind you, but sharing of photos of public activities in a public place. But prompted by complaints from Republican blogger Tolbert, the UA remonstrated the cheerleaders for violating rules against doing political things in Hog gear and asked the Beebe campaign to take the photos down. The Beebe campaign was, of course, under no obligation to do such a thing, but did. And once more just to be clear: I don't care if Boozman uses Hog stuff either, even in a commercial. He was an undistinguished lineman on an undistinguished team, after all. But given the Hogs' propensity to crack down on little guys at tailgates for the slightest hint of political speech or unauthorized Hog use, it smelled funny, particularly the still-unanswered questions about exactly how it came to pass.

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