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The Pulaski school debacle



The latest in the rolling disaster area that is the Pulaski County School District is an allegation that suggests a purported sidewalk contractor paid a $100 bribe to school board member Gwen Williams. School Board member Charlie Wood, a fierce opponent of Williams on the School Board teachers union divide and facing a spirited election challenge from pro-union forces, took the lead in releasing the so-far unsourced allegation to the press.

The letter, video and audio that were released present Williams in a decidedly unfavorable light. (Williams has a lawyer — defrocked judge Willard Proctor — and says she'll be explaining all in due course.) Still. An independently filmed and taped citizen sting operation? Disclosure by a politically embattled foe of the target? It's more stench from a district that's already at the putrefaction stage. You sometimes think the solution is to throw the whole mess of them out and start over.

One blogger is already raising questions
about the tactic of going to the School Board and press in the midst of the election battles.

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