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And if you haven't yet, take a look back at Rock Candy, with more from Gerard Matthews, including video, of the sold-out benefit for the legal cause of the West Memphis Three. Can justice be in the offing in this misbegotten case? Support from the likes of last night's all-star cast and the sold-out audience that contributed to the cause can't hurt.

Also, I forgot: Jeremiah Wright was in town today, preaching at a local Baptist church pastored by Judge-to-be Wendell Griffen. He preached against the Iraq war. And, in defending those who criticized Griffen for opposing the war while a judge, he defended his former congregant, President Obama, too.

PS — Skip Rutherford Tweets that Rev. Wright reports dining at Sims Bar-B-
. Good choice. I had a rib dinner there last Wednesday. It's more (good) food for $8 than anybody should eat. Skip also Tweets:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright said young people didn't remember when blacks couldn't vote but now "we have blacks who will not vote."

PPS — Also, an initial AP report on Jeremiah Wright's speech included a misheard word. It has been corrected. But I suspect, given the Internet, the correction won't reach many ready to believe the worst about Wright. A statement from Rev. Griffen explains.


Within hours after Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. preached at New Millennium Church today, the Associated Press reported that Rev. Wright accused people who believe that President Obama is Muslim of being "psychopaths." That report was false, as have been all other news reports that have repeated it. Rev. Wright actually described enemies of truth as "sycophants," a word used to describe a false accuser or slanderer. "Sycophant" also refers to someone who is a flatterer of princes and great men.

"Sycophants" is totally different in sound and meaning than "psychopaths."

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, "psychopath" refers to a person suffering from a severe mental disorder, especially with aggressive antisocial behavior. At no time during his sermon did Rev. Wright accuse any persons of being "psychopaths."

I am attaching an mp3 file to this message with the relevant portion of Rev. Wright's sermon. The file proves that the Associated Press report was untrue.

When I learned of the Associated Press report, I contacted Andrew DeMello [sic, it's DeMillo] (the reporter who authored it), told him his report was untrue, and insisted that he admit and correct the false report about Rev. Wright's sermon that was circulating across the nation. Mr. DeMello checked his tape recording of the sermon and agreed that Rev. Wright said "sycophants."

As Pastor of New Millennium Church, I call on the Associated Press and all other media outlets that published it to promptly and prominently admit that the initial report about Rev. Wright's sermon was untrue and apologize to Rev. Wright and our congregation. Regardless to the intentions of the reporter and subsequent publishers, the report is false. It wrongly casts Rev. Wright, his sermon, and our congregation in a bad light.

The false report has already reached the Internet. Those responsible for creating and publishing it owe it to Rev. Wright, our congregation, and the public at large to be as prominent in admitting the truth as they have been in publishing untruth.

Wendell L. Griffen

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