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Pulaski schools to return to old schedule



KARK reports that a circuit judge today ordered the Pulaski County Special School District to return to its old bell schedule by Sept. 13.

KARK's original report didn't get it quite right. Though the judge may have signed off on the deal, the parties agreed on a return to the old schedule before the scheduled hearing.

But it had become clear yesterday why union-busting School Board members Tim Clark and Charlie Wood had suddenly heard the cries of unhappy parents and said they favored a return to the old schedule. They bowed to the inevitable (the law as well as angry parents). They realized their long attempt to ignore a binding contract and impose a new schedule to aid their union-busting plan wouldn't stand up in court. They merely tried to get out in front of the inevitable ruling. Today, the Gang of Four was only fixing what they had broken in the first place.

Plenty of background on this parent/teacher support site.

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