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Pulaski school turmoil



As a Little Rock School District resident, I can only say, "Thank God for the Pulaski County School District's Gang of Four." They manage to make Little Rock's troubles look like a walk in the garden.

No emergency School Board meeting was held last night because the Gang couldn't round up a quorum, lacking, among others, its pivotal member, the well-traveled and taxpayer-entertained Mildred Tatum.

In the event this has become too difficult to follow, a primer: The Gang of Four that controls the School Board hates the teachers union. They produced a new school schedule, with a much longer day for elementary students, as part of an extralegal strategy to bust a contract with teachers. So far, despite a high-priced New York lawyer and high-handed tactics, the Gang has yet to find a court willing to side with lawbreakers. Now that school's restarted, the disastrous new schedule has had the predictable response. Parents are furious. So Gang wants the schedule to go back to the way things were before they f***ed it up.

Hurry the school election.

Dawn Jackson's website chronicles many of the ins and outs, including School Board President Tim Clark's latest diatribe against those who would oppose him.

For a reader: There are three school districts in Pulaski County. The LR disrict covers most of the city of Little Rock, the North Little Rock district covers most of that city and the Pulaski District is the doughnut around the cities in the center of the county, a big territory including Maumelle, Sherwood, Jacksonville and land to the south, west, east and north of the two major cities.

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