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War Memorial now tobacco free



War Memorial Stadium — inside and out — is now officially tobacco free (that means cigarettes, snuff, chew, pipes, cigars).

But read the news release. It does NOT cover, for example, the golf course. There is a city park policy against smoking. Technically, it's legally unenforceable though city officials insist lack of an enforcement ordinance is just a little ol' technicality. I also don't think this policy covers the smoking of pig, hot dogs, hamburgers ....

Oh, and, of course, if you really need a smoke when the game gets tight, you can go over to the Little Rock Zoo where tobacco lobbyist J.J. Vigneault and other pro-tobacconists on the Zoo board have kept the tobacco lamp lit.


Little Rock, AR (August 16, 2010) — War Memorial Stadium is now a tobacco-free facility, prohibiting
the use of all tobacco products inside and outside its stadium. The announcement was made by Charlie
Staggs, War Memorial Stadium manager.

The new policy mirrors policies that have been recently announced by other state facilities such as
Razorback-Reynolds Stadium on the University of Arkansas campus, all state agency building complexes
and two other Southeastern Conference Stadiums Sanford Stadium at the University of Georgia and the
Williams-Brice Stadium at the University of South Carolina.

In 2003 War Memorial Stadium implemented a smoke- free policy.

“We consistently look for ways to improve the patron experience at War Memorial Stadium. By banning
tobacco products at our stadium, we feel we will make our stadium a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable
atmosphere for all,” Staggs said.

Staggs cited national statistics that show that tobacco is the world’s leading killer, causing five million
deaths each year.

“We fully support War Memorial Stadium’s effort in becoming a tobacco-free facility”, said Dr.
Carolyn Dresler, program director of the Arkansas Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program.

Dresler added, “By banning the use of all tobacco and not just smoking, the Stadium will send a positive
message about its concern for the health of all its patrons — both the people who use tobacco and those
exposed to secondhand smoke and spit.”

The policy states:

Smoking and the use of tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco and
other tobacco products) by staff and visitors are prohibited on War Memorial Stadium and properties.

Effective August 16, 2010, the use of tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless
tobacco, or other tobacco products) is prohibited at all times:

• In all interior space at War Memorial Stadium

• On all outside property or grounds of War Memorial Stadium including partially enclosed areas
such as walkways, breezeways and bus shelters.

• In all indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, as well as the grandstands of the outdoor facilities.

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