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Analysis: Lincoln v. Boozman



John Brummett reviews the Association of Arkansas Counties forum Friday featuring U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Rep. John Boozman. He marks down Lincoln for referring to notes (the candidates were generally prepped on question topics in advance) and marks down Boozman for clumsy answers.

Significant: Boozman seemed to admit that during this the gimmicky Republicans' Year of No (including votes on "earmark" projects for his own district) the Boozman staff might be referring constituents with needs TO BLANCHE LINCOLN.

He didn’t address Lincoln’s assertion that his staff was telling people to call her office because she was still spending the money he was eschewing. So I asked Boozman about that afterward.

He gave me an answer that began with his saying he couldn’t imagine that his staff was doing that and concluded with his explaining that maybe they were doing something like that. After all, he ended up saying, that’s kind of what a congressional office is supposed to do — meaning, when he can’t help, refer constituents to some other place where someone might.

So. Vote for Dr. No? Or vote for Lincoln, the candidate who Dr. No thinks can get the job done when he won't?

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