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Pat O'Brien joins car wars



Pat O'Brien, the Democratic candidate for secretary of state, plunges into the state car story. He won't take one. His employees won't commute in them. And those cars that his office does require will be clearly marked as official cars. (In other words, an employee who parks one outside the Whoopee Room Gentleman's Club will do so at some risk.)


Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk and Secretary of State nominee, Pat O’Brien, announced today his plan to restrict state vehicle usage in the Secretary of State’s office. The plan includes clearly marking all state vehicles, elimination of personal commuting and a pledge to not have a state vehicle or charge taxpayers mileage reimbursements.

“This plan is consistent with my previous record on open and accountable government,” stated O’Brien, “We want to save taxpayer dollars by ensuring there is no abuse of vehicles.” O’Brien was clear to state that he has no knowledge of abuses within the Secretary of State’s office currently. Rather, this is a proactive plan that will be implemented after he is elected. He added, “Driving to work every day is expected of most everybody, why should it be any different for politicians.”

A copy of the plan may be found on the campaign website by clicking here.

O’Brien has lived in Jacksonville since the age of three, working in the family business as a teenager and graduating from Jacksonville Public Schools. He went on to receive his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville before returning home in 1995 to establish a general practice of law. O’Brien also worked two years as Director of Operations for JKP Foods, Inc., which was a family owned business consisting of seven McDonald’s restaurants in North Pulaski County employing 350 people. His public service includes one term as the Jacksonville representative on the Pulaski County Special School District Board. He did not run for re-election in 2003. O’Brien was also Chief of Staff for the 22nd Judicial District’s Prosecuting Attorney’s office in 2003.

If you have any questions about the press release, call Pat O’Brien at (501) 258-0548 or visit the campaign website at

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