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Easy money for Asa



A special judge says Asa Hutchinson and associates should get more than $50,000 for representing Benton County Judge David Bisbee, mostly successfully, on misdemeanor charges of self-dealing in county contracting. Bisbee was acquitted on all but one charge that ended in a hung jury.

Maybe the Benton County Quorum Court will refuse to pay more than a public defender would have received for the same work. It wouldn't have been $50,000.

Could have been worse. The Iconoclast details how Hutchinson and Co. wanted about $770 an hour, or more than $73,000, for work for which the Public Defenders Commission would pay $90 to $110 an hour. Asa poormouthed that he was only asking for a "reduced" rate of $400 an hour from his usual fee.

As ever Republicans are tight with money unless it's to THEIR benefit.

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