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'The audacity of dopes'



Clip and save. Paul Krugman tears a new one in Rep. Paul Ryan, who's enjoying warm media coverage for his supposedly outside-the-box thinking as ranking Republican for budget matters. He needs to jump back in the box.

Even with unspecified (and unachievable) slashes in domestic discretionary spending, Ryan's "Roadmap for America's Future" would do no more to reduce the deficit than President Obama's plan. But, of course, the plan would have benefits for some.

...the Roadmap wouldn’t reduce the deficit. All it would do is cut benefits for the middle class while slashing taxes on the rich.

And I do mean slash. The Tax Policy Center finds that the Ryan plan would cut taxes on the richest 1 percent of the population in half, giving them 117 percent of the plan’s total tax cuts. That’s not a misprint. Even as it slashed taxes at the top, the plan would raise taxes for 95 percent of the population


You on board with that Rep. Boozman? Mr. Griffin? Mr. Crawford? Ms. Rankin?

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