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Secure Arkansas, stymied for the moment in beating up immigrants, has turned its attention to a proposal to build a community complex in Saline County. In local developers' dreams, it might even be a future State Fair site. Economic development. Rah rah. I haven't been paying close attention to the coming sales tax election.

But, boy, Secure Arkansas has been watching verrrry closely Get a load of this e-mail warning voters about the REAL story on this plot, which is but a chess piece in the one-world plot of schemers like Pat Hays, Buddy Villines and other fellow travelers in the Smart Growth League.

Sit down before I tell you this: Some new livestock barns and a hall for square dancers in Saline County could "threaten personal freedoms and destroy our way of life." I s*** you not. Mark Martin will be on this like ugly on an ape. If they could just figure a way to work in a Pakistani with his head wrapped in rags, he'd be there in a nanosecond.

Fail to read the following at your peril. You have been warned.

PS — Secure Arkansas is the group that is arithmetic challenged when numbers exceed the total of their toes and fingers.

PPS — Here's Secure Arkansas's primer on the smart growth cabal.



Secure Arkansas is warning residents that the Saline County Fairplex is part of an agenda that is bigger than it looks and could threaten personal freedoms and destroy our way of life. People of Saline County need to inform themselves and resist this idea that threatens our liberties and is being billed as a great creator of jobs.

What you might know

· It is billed as an "event center."
· It requires a 1 percent Saline
County sales tax.
· The vote on the sales tax requires a
special election at a cost of $50,000 -
· It is projected that the Fairplex will
generate $30,000,000 per year in

What you might not know

· The election is being funded by the Saline County Economic Development Corporation rather than Saline County.
· Between 2007 and 2009, revenues of the Los Angeles County Fairplex declined 18.9 percent.
· Saline County has brought in Tampa, Florida-based Crossroads Consulting, owned by Susan A. Sieger.
· Sieger is a member of Westshore Alliance, another Florida-based operation which supports "sustainable development" and "smart growth."
· The United Nations is the creator of the Agenda 21 program of Global "sustainable development" based on their stance on issues such as climate change, consumption, energy, and finance, among others.
· The International Council of Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI) is the local government arm of Agenda 21.
· The UN advised ICLEI to avoid mentioning "UN Agenda 21" when the council members were naming local initiatives.
· One of the names used by members of ICLEI is "Smart Growth."
· A principal goal of Smart Growth is to monitor and control energy consumption and to force consumer behavior to change.
· North Little Rock Mayor, Patrick Henry Hays, is President of ICLEI USA.
· Pulaski County Judge, Buddy Villines, entered into an agreement with ICLEI without the Quorum Court's consent.
· When asked if he was a member of ICLEI, Benton Mayor, Rick Holland, would not comment.

The Fairplex initiative is being billed as a harmless boon to the community. Nothing is farther from the truth, but we realize that this is exactly the attitude the promoters want you to have.

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